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How Should Political Digital Marketers Use AI?

October 2023 | by Emily Karrs

IMGE is a full service digital firm based in Washington, DC. Since 2013, IMGE has specialized in designing and executing integrated digital campaigns that reach audiences in a highly targeted, measurable, and cost-effective way. Our approach is holistic and combines aggressive goal-setting, platform-specific creative, precise advertising, and ongoing optimization. The results have been a streak of big wins for our clients.

Rather than outsource, we have in-house talent who are experts in their field and able to offer our clients a full suite of services, from creative to placement to website development.

By partnering with IMGE, you have access to the full team, which includes a dedicated project manager, cutting-edge designers, developers who create some of the best products in the industry, and state-of-the art advertisers. We work fast, meet deadlines, and believe in transparency and constant open communication with our clients.

We Do:

  • Work fast
  • Meet deadlines
  • Believe in transparency

We Don't:

  • Outsource work
  • Use templates
  • Ever stop hustling
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Lauren Batchelor
Senior Account Manager
Beth Baumann
Senior Content Manager
Danny Botta
Senior Web Developer
Madeline Bragg
Marketing Strategist
Khalyn Brown
Senior Graphic Designer
Gustavo Cervantes
Deputy Director of Motion Design
Xavier Clegg
Marketing Strategist
Danielle Ferrandino
Senior Account Manager
Simona Gonzalez
Graphic Designer
Michael Guy
Content Strategist
Bailey Hansen
Marketing & Advertising Manager
Caitlyn Harris
Senior Graphic Designer
Erin Helms
Accounting Manager
Megan Holcombe
People Experience Architect
Jacob Klingensmith
Senior Creative Manager
John Koons
Account Manager
Rob Rein
Senior Account Manager
Gabrielle Sanchez
Advertising Manager
Sam Shinkle
Senior Marketing Manager
Alex Smith
Senior Motion Editor
Jordan Smith
Content Strategist
Jared Watkins
Content Manager
Levi Witherow
Marketing Strategist
Bo Mi Yoon
Senior Graphic Designer
Richard the Dog
Chief Canine Officer