Bring your digital strategy offline

How we multiplied the impact of real-world events with custom digital

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A Fortune 25 company came to us with a need: they wanted to collect email signups at a major international trade show, but the location of the trade show made this task a bit tricky. For one thing, it was in Europe – so they needed to refresh their data policies to be GDPR-compliant before collecting any emails. Second of all, the event’s location was remote – so remote that they couldn’t guarantee internet connectivity for the signups.

digital strategy offline

How we did it

To solve the first problem, we built out a custom series of the double-opt-in trigger emails mandated by GDPR. To solve the second problem, we created an offline submission capability for the company’s iPads, permitting entries to be saved locally on the device and updated later if connectivity failed.


The application worked successfully, offline and online. Thousands of event attendees signed up on our iPads at the event, with 35% of those signups taking the extra step to double-opt in. The company was so pleased, they asked us to build another version of the app for a second event only a few days later.

What we learned

Event attendees make a great target audience for list acquisition. Digital solutions aren’t just online - they are offline, too.

Fine print for the nerds:

Post GDPR, all users who opt in to a company’s email list must also receive an automated trigger to confirm that they want to continue receiving messages from that company. IMGE worked closely with Salesforce to integrate this Double Opt-In requirement for email acquisitions. The solution involved incorporating advanced scripting language within the Salesforce backend to ensure all subscription preferences were writing properly.