Build a statewide network of issue advocates

How we used innovative tactics to build a lasting local campaign

Showcased Capabilities

Advertising, Creative, Marketing

A c4 that cares about economic freedom wanted to build a strong, state-wide network of activists who were passionate about free-market health care. We needed to educate our likely supporters on the issue, and motivate them to become activists.

How we did it

How do you talk about a major national issue at a state-level scale? Quantify the local impact. We invested in research to create locally-relevant content, and we flexed our design skills to create eye-catching animations. Our team used an interstitial ad network to catch locals online and drive them directly to an action center where they could contact their senator. With this seamless experience, we were able to capture the contact information of our new activists for future activation.

But we didn’t just petition the federal government - we educated grasstops leaders in the state as well. We made sure the message was heard by key state influencers such as government officials, state university scholars, and municipal governments.


We drove over 11,000 contacts to a U.S. Senator’s office from their constituents on health care policy, despite there being no urgent legislation on the topic. The next time free-market comes under threat, this c4 will be able to raise an army with a single email.

What we learned

Policy education does not have to be boring. If you are activating users at the state-level, speak to them with information that is relevant to their state. And don’t wait for a legislative emergency - educate and build your list of activists now.