Convert your subscribers with a one-two punch

How we primed & mobilized a targeted group of advocates to get a sky-high conversion rate

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Advertising, Marketing

When a resolution that would kill advanced technology jobs was under consideration in a certain state, a Fortune 50 company wanted to mobilize advocates in that state to contact their local city council. The only problem? This was a sparsely populated geographic area. This company had wisely invested in growing a substantial list of supporters. However, only a small slice of their advocates fell within the local segment. We needed to ensure a high conversion rate to get the most out of what we had.

What we did:

IMGE executed a two-pronged email campaign: educate and activate. Our email series primed our subscribers for action on the issue and provided them an easy avenue to send letters to their city councilmen. If users didn't bite the first time, we followed up with them again.


We drove more than 650 letters to relatively small city council — and achieved a whopping 85% conversion rate. By delivering effective and persuasive content, IMGE was able to get the most out of what we had and delivered for our client. Not only that, the city council rejected the job-killing resolution.

What we learned

Highly targeted messaging and persuasive content matter. Educating your subscribers before delivering an ask is crucial. With a high conversion rate, even a small group can make a big impact.