Craft a web presence that creates real connection

How we launched an emotive brand for Meeting of America

Showcased Capabilities

Development, Creative

Meeting of America has a powerful mission: bringing Americans together from across the political divide for real conversations. These discussions are meant to help Americans find a way forward during a time of polarization.

To connect Americans across the political divide, Meeting of America wanted a formal brand launch that would pull more people into their movement. They wanted a new look, a new website, and a new video that drove online RSVPs to their events.

Meeting of America Intro Graphic

How we did it

Our logo concept illustrated Meeting of America's mission: a unified country composed of the conversations of individual citizens. This speech bubble motif is used throughout the brand design, emphasizing the importance of open discussion and individual encounters.

We went with a muted twist on the classic Americana color palette to convey a love of country that didn't feel politicized. Our illustrations utilized a hand-drawn feel to emphasize the grassroots, personal nature of the project.

Meeting of America collage graphic 2


Once we settled the branding, we incorporated it into our website and tied it all together with an animated introductory video. With moving music and a sweeping script, the video makes the complete case for joining a discussion and drives viewers to our brand-new website to RSVP for an event.



“The IMGE team exceeded all expectations in capturing the spirit and mission of Meeting of America. We were wowed by the concepts they created from just a simple discussion. Their work has been a gift that keeps on giving.” – Pearce Godwin, Executive Director

Words to the wise

A clear vision at the beginning of the branding process yields clear results. Conveying emotion in your branding requires passion from your creative team. And nothing brings life into all of those brand elements better than creative animation.