Create an action-oriented brand

How we executed a top-to-bottom rebrand for an advocacy organization

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JINSA, a 40-year-old think tank, decided it was time to refresh their outdated logo. They wanted the logo to visually depict the strong connections between the U.S. and Israel, and they wanted it to stand out.

An animation of the JINSA Logo before and after redesign

How we did it

We started with an audit of their current design elements and a deep dive into their goals for their new logo. Once we established a shared set of goals and a timeline, we worked our way from pencil-and-paper sketches to a fully developed visual brand experience.


The two-tone geometric star provides depth and a touch of modernity. At the same time, it balances out the bold red stripes to the right. For the finishing touch, we included a dark bar on the left to “enclose” the flag.

What we learned

Establishing your design goals up front makes the process go more smoothly for everyone - and results in a better product. Having frequent check-ins at every phase of the design process catches concerns early, and helps define direction.

Fine print for the nerds:

A rebrand is more than one static logo. Horizontal, vertical, icon, favicon - you name it, we created the files they needed to make sure that anyone interacting with JINSA had a unified visual experience. For any rebranding project, we make sure you don’t leave without the complete logo package (Illustrator files, SVGs, PNGs, JPGs; each in color, black, and white) and a comprehensive brand guide. For websites, we provide the final PSD files as well as a UI guide that provides documentation and structure in the case of future changes or add-ons.

After this project, JINSA not only has a beautiful design, but also all the documentation and supplementary resources to adjust or add on to that design in the future. Keep in mind: 90% of people expect their experience with a brand to feel consistent across all platforms, and believe that an inconsistent experience indicates a poor product.