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How we created a from-scratch design for this local event and deployed it with a lean budget using omni-channel digital marketing

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When you host a competition for top-notch local designers, your standards for the event’s branding get a whole lot higher. To meet that standard, we needed to create a cutting edge, from-scratch brand package. Working with a lean budget, we would have to amplify the event with a creative email and social media strategy.

DC Design Duel Event Branding Summary

How we did it

First, we sketched out a logo, design elements, and color palettes that played upon the event name - DC Design Duel -  and paid homage to some of America’s most famous duels.

DC Design Duel logo brand package

After the design was finalized, it was time for development and deployment. We drafted a creative-first email series, digital flyers, and design-heavy social content that echoed the feeling of having an exclusive ringside seat at a 1920s boxing match. By utilizing email and various social platforms, we were able to create a surround sound effect to spread the word about the event without spending a fortune.

We carried the digital design elements into the event itself with posters, t-shirts, totes, and stickers with the event’s signature boxing presidents. The bottom line: consistency is critical when it comes to bridging the gap between design and digital strategy for events.

DC Design Duel brand package

What we learned

You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. It takes both a solid design and a smart digital strategy to make an event successful. Consistency in brand visuals - from your website to emails to social posts and event swag - helps to define your event, especially when you are starting completely from scratch.

DC Design Duel digital event