Get the attention of Congress on the President’s priority legislation

How we paired paid media with our specialized advocacy hub to move the needle on the Hill

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A non-profit came to us with the goal of generating national momentum on a major bill that was a top priority of the President. Of course, legislation requires more than just the President’s signature. We needed to build momentum in Congress, and that means educating and activating their constituents.

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How we did it

First, we identified key districts where we thought we could move the needle. Next, we developed locally relevant content based on in-depth research for every district we targeted. Using that content, we ran a massive paid media program that drove constituents in our target districts to our advocacy hub, DriveAction. DriveAction bridges the gap between digital outreach and real-world action by making it easy for users to call or send letters directly to their legislators.


300,000+ Contacts to congressional offices via patch-through-calls and letters sent from DriveAction.

What we learned

Build your digital program to facilitate real-world action. The easier you make it for your audience to convert, the more conversions you’ll get. And when you choose your local targets carefully, you can make a national impact.

Fine print, for the nerds:

DriveAction enable your users to seamlessly contact their legislators on issues that matter; driving action that fuels change. From a single interface, your users can select whatever form of contact they are most comfortable completing - whether that’s an email, a social media post, or a telephone call.

Learn more about DriveAction’s technical features here.