Localize your advocacy for a real impact

How we mobilized one state on a global issue

Showcased Capabilities

Advertising, Marketing

The American Economic Freedom Alliance (AEFA) wanted to get the word out about how a particular round of tariffs would hurt American manufacturers. Instead of running a broad national campaign, they wanted to get hyperlocal and maximize their impact. AEFA decided to launch a grassroots effort in a major manufacturing state with ads about how bad trade policy would harm local jobs.

How we did it

IMGE executed a comprehensive digital campaign targeting this state’s constituents. We generated a large slate of original content, deployed across a wide variety of online platforms. We spoke directly to impacted citizens, and equipped them to contact their representatives, as well.

As a result, we drove more than four million impressions on a tight budget. The campaign simultaneously generated tens of thousands of letters of support from constituents -- all in favor of smart trade and tariff policy that would support the state’s thriving economy.


21,000+ – The number of letters sent by constituents to their legislators in only two months.

What we learned

Highly targeted messaging and advertising can make a big impact. And smart national advocacy organizations know when it’s time to communicate locally.