Meet the New IMGE

Check out these three hidden details in our rebrand

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Creative, Development

Notice anything different around here?

In the nearly six years that IMGE has been in existence, we’ve grown dramatically. We’ve transformed from a small team of five people around a conference table to a staff of nearly forty people working regularly with Fortune 50 companies and top tier candidates. Our firm has been winning campaigns, expanding into new industries, and building out new infrastructure.

In short: we have gone from a scrappy startup to a mature firm, and we wanted our brand to reflect that. Though we’re still the same firm with the same hustle, our font is a little heavier and our blue is a little deeper.

We’ll spare you the full, emotive details of our rebranding process. Instead, we want to let you in on the secret of three not-exactly-hidden messages in the new design.

1. Why this illustration style?

IMGE has always boasted that we use custom strategies for our clients - and no templates. A blueprint vibe felt like a natural fit. But we also want to emphasize that we will be with our clients through every step of the process, from concept to final execution.

That's why our site interacts with you, bringing the iconography to life. What begins as a conceptual sketch fills itself in as your interaction breathes life into the image. Check it out in action:

You’ve probably also noticed the branded geometric design that warps and weaves its way across the pages of our website. But this is more than merely a design element. There are a lot of icons hidden in our header that provide more details about the kind of services we perform for our clients. These icons interconnect to show how we bring multiple components of digital strategy together for our clients. Our various internal departments - advertising, content, design, development, marketing, and video - work together to create a larger pattern.

See how many of these icons you can find tucked into the designs on our website.

2. Why these fonts?

In many ways, the font a brand chooses sets the tone of their voice. IMGE has an interesting voice.

Our young firm uses the most modern, cutting-edge tactics available for our clients. Yet many of our clients come from rather traditional industries. We bridge the gap between the suit-and-tie political or corporate worlds, and the hoodie-and-jeans world of tech. That’s why our logo is a traditional serif font - but with some fun twists. The “g” has a unique loop, and the ends of the letters have distinctive pointed ends.

Also, we use one traditional font (Libre Baskerville), one modern, "younger" font (Nunito Sans), and one final font that's kind of in the middle (Crete Round). At IMGE, we create campaigns that blend the best of modern and traditional communication together.

3. Where did all the photos go?

Our old website featured a lot of photos of our office and our staff at work. We still love our office, and our amazing staff. But we realized that the best way to highlight our team was not with pictures of them at work, but rather showing their work.

To that end, our site is now full of case studies, as well as in-depth analysis and commentary produced by our team. We think that the results our team has produced and the lessons they have learned from that work show what makes IMGE great.

Of course, those are not the only ideas our new brand identity communicates. Take a look around the website and let us know what you think it says about us.