Minimize waste and maximize impact with social graph

How micro-level targeting can help you make the most of your ad budget

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A company in the financial services industry came to us with a big ask: how can they use digital to effectively communicate stories and news with their employees? There was a disconnect with employees regarding company updates and the company’s outlook, which could open the door for other companies to poach these employees. They knew something needed to be done fast, so they asked us to think big.

Social Graph Video Advertising Campaign

How we did it

We knew we needed to move the needle in a positive direction, and that it would take a lot of ads to make it happen. But without an unlimited budget, we had to make sure our ads were only being presented to the financial advisors at the company and their personal networks.

That’s why we invested in social graph to build a hyper-targeted audience. Once we nailed down targeting, we launched a testimonial video ad campaign that reinforced the narrative that this company is different from its competitors and is committed to empowering financial advisors who want to lead the way in wealth management.

After our first ad flight ended, we began leveraging Facebook’s audience insights to retarget people who only watched a portion of the ads, ensuring that our message was being seen AND heard by the financial advisors.

After three months of ads, a quarterly employee survey showed that the financial advisors we targeted were happier at work and had more positive perceptions of the company than the control group.

The campaign proved to be successful, which led the company to consider how to use this strategy for continued employee retention and recruitment.


Our ads outperformed industry benchmarks, delivering more than 1.7 million impressions and a nearly 40% video completion rate.

What we learned

Targeting matters - compelling creative moves the needle, but only when the right people see it. Creating and constantly fine-tuning a niche audience will help you make the most of your ad budget early so you can double down on your investment once you find a campaign that works for your brand.