Optimize your video creative with rigorous testing

How we increased the ROI of our donation ads with a multitude of creative variants

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Senator Rand Paul is a fundraising powerhouse — and because his team is one of the best, they are always looking to take their digital fundraising to the next level. His team invested in a robust paid social video program and came to us to get the maximum return on their investment. We recommended rigorous A/B testing to find the optimal creative that drives donations.

Test multiple variants of your video creative to optimize advertisiting performance

How we did it

Roughly every week, we turned around a new set of paid social videos featuring Rand direct-to-camera, appealing for funds around breaking news. With the volume of video we recorded and data we gleaned from this advertising, we continually optimized to find the most effective creative for fundraising.

But we didn’t just look back on general performance trends — we proactively set up tests with each round of social video appeals, releasing two or more versions of each ad to compare specific variables. We evaluated the effects of different video dimensions, animation styles, and more.


The insights generated from this program have been dramatic, with one of our tested variables increasing ROI by 224%. These optimizations enabled our digital advertising program to bring in over 7,000 donors.

Words for the wise

Good creative is art, but the best creative has scientific rigor to back it up. Don’t guess: Let your audience tell you what motivates them to act. And the worst practice for a digital marketer? Failing to test your “best practices” rigorously.