Promote your company worldwide with a custom website

How we built a cutting-edge website that translates to a diverse international audience

Showcased Capabilities

Development, Creative

HIF Global is the world’s leading eFuels company, developing projects globally to fight climate change by producing carbon-neutral fuels with green hydrogen and recycled CO2.

Our challenge? To create a website that could explain their pioneering technology to new audiences in countries around the world.

HIF Global international website design showcase

How we did it

We built numerous custom pages to tell the story of HIF Global and their products. From a detailed, illustrated page that described their fuel generation process to an interactive timeline that explained the company’s genesis, we highlighted what made the company unique.

HIF Global was already active in four global regions, and they wanted to be ready to expand their website as the company grew. Because each location represented a different part of their business, we designed customizable regional pages that could provide a seamless look and feel while depicting the singular features of each current — and future — location.


All told, we built out over 30 custom pages and a custom accompanying map and timeline to highlight HIF Global’s locations, products, and stellar staff.

What we learned

If you are a global company, ensure your website content is relevant to every audience you are trying to reach. A growing business needs a website that’s ready to grow with them. And if your company has a product with the power to change the world, prioritize telling that story on your website.