Reinvent your website with custom development

How we refreshed the RSLC’s website with a bold new design and customized features to match their mission

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The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) knew it was time to update their branding. The organization covers a lot of ground and it would be a challenge to encompass that mission into a modern brand. But they came to us because they wanted much, much more than a new logo.

The RSLC works in thousands of state races across the country – from state legislator to agriculture commissioner. As a result, they had an enormous amount of information they needed to convey on their website. They were ready to experiment with customized development to make a site that met their unique needs.

It was up to us to find a fresh, simple, and useful way to present all of that to their audience.

RSLC Logo Transformation

How we did it

We started with an audit of their current design and content assets, and then spent time identifying goals for the redesign. After we sketched out a shared set of goals and a timeline, we developed a menu of customizable elements to build them a new website from scratch.

They needed to convey their staggering success winning a wide variety of state level offices. We built an animated infographic that conveyed those metrics - and made it editable to update with each election.

They needed to provide an easy way for voters to track what the key elections were in their state. We built an interactive map that led viewers to geographically tailored content.

By the end of the site redesign and build, we had thrown the template out the window - and it worked. The redesigned site was beautiful, easy to navigate, and led to a spike in user visits when it launched.


The RSLC website saw a 106% post-launch increase in monthly site traffic in comparison to the six-month rolling average.

Words for the wise

If your organization has a unique mission, it needs a unique brand and website. Don't settle for someone else's template.

Check out the new RSLC website here.