Unite women across America in a national grassroots network

How we grew a massive email list for an organization that started with no name ID

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Advertising, Marketing

Winning For Women started out as a dream: a dream to build a nationwide network of right-leaning women online. They had a vision and a budget, but there was one big challenge: They had no name ID, and no current supporters other than the women sitting at the table.

How we did it

We knew we needed to collect emails in a way that introduced the individual to the brand. To do that, we focused heavily on ads that captured the purpose of the organization while simultaneously giving the user reasons to sign up.

Our team tested hundreds of variations with dozens of segmented audiences to find what resonated with each target. We had to develop a relationship with the user before we could expect them to join. And once that trust was built - bam! - we shifted our focus to conversions.


In less than a year, this previously unknown organization has grown their list of subscribers, activists, and donors by over 300%.

What we learned

An unknown brand is a challenge - but it’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself. Building trust with your users pays off in the long run.

Fine print for the nerds:

How did we “build trust?" IMGE developed a robust marketing funnel that helped us slice, dice, and test different messages with different audience segments. We’ve created over 60 audiences and tested over 100 versions of creative.

At this point, we’ve tested thousands of variations to reach our current level of engagement, and we’ll keep rolling with thousands more.