Upgrade your website to grow with you

How we helped an expanding non-profit revamp its website to highlight its mission

Showcased Capabilities

Creative, Development

Lots of people want to help the homeless dogs in their community. But Who Will Let the Dogs Out has an even bigger mission: they travel around the country, evaluating, assisting, and advocating for dogs in underserved rescue facilities.

Because of their broad scope, the result is more dogs helped, and helped at the moment of their greatest need.

They are a true grassroots organization. What started as two women with a mission to help dogs has turned into a nationwide phenomenon, with books and documentaries published about their work.

The only problem? Their tremendous success means they outgrew their existing website, built by one of their teenage sons in his spare time.

It’s no secret that Team IMGE loves dogs — so when we heard about WWLDO, we wanted to pitch in. We offered to help the best way we know how: by building them a great new website.

How we did it

Our first step? A massive content audit.

The WWLDO team has built in-depth reports on shelters all over the South — which means a lot of pages of content.

Not only that, they have a rich library of resources for paid and volunteer shelter workers across the country. From how to apply for grants to how to market dog adoption effectively, we built out a master library that helped organize these pages and make it easy to navigate. We even created a custom, interactive map so users could navigate the shelter evaluations by geographic location.

And, of course, we redesigned the look and feel of the site to provide a smooth, appealing experience for site visitors. We wanted to create a great first impression for the site so users would know that they could trust and rely on this organization.


WWLDO’s redesigned website now has a sleek new home for all 106 shelter evaluations they have conducted across 12 states.

What we learned

If your organization focuses on getting the word out about your cause, ensure your website is up to the task. Outgrowing your non-profit’s homemade website should be a reason for celebration, not frustration. And investing in quality digital architecture for your non-profit is non-negotiable.