Dive deep for a powerful rebrand

How we used research and analysis to rebrand a growing government affairs firm

Showcased Capabilities


The Vogel Group, a rising government affairs firm, came to us needing a rebrand. As they had grown their firm, they outgrew their old branding. The Vogel Group had leveled up and needed a new look to match their success.

Vogel Group rebrand process showcasing logo iterations

How we did it

Building a successful brand starts with asking the right questions. Before putting pen to paper, we thoroughly investigated what we wanted to convey. That included:

1. Completing in-depth competitor research,
2. Conducting an internal company survey,
3. And building our distinct brand personas for prospective clients and hires.

That research identified the center of their brand: their people and their substantive expertise. Standing at the intersection of policy and business, the people who make up the Vogel Group bridge the two worlds by using the strength of their team’s substantive insight and relationships.

We put those ideas at the heart of their new look. Emphasizing the “V” in “Vogel” for their logo — the first person who built the trust at the firm's center — we created a strong yet simple visual. We brought together complementary colors and incorporated a slash as a key design element, highlighting how they bring together disparate fields. The “V” and “/” motifs reappear throughout their branding materials — all the way down to the photos we chose for the website.

Vogel Group new brand assets board

We went further - we went to their office and captured matching, high-quality headshots of every member of their team. We ensured they had the photo assets to showcase the Vogel Group team with style.

And we didn’t stop with just digital branding. In a relational industry like government affairs and consulting, the brand must translate into real-world encounters. That’s why we built assets for the brand to apply to company slide decks, document templates, business cards, and company swag.


The end result is a sleek look that inspires trust and provides an impressive introduction to every person on the Vogel Group’s team.

Words to the wise

A growing company needs its brand to grow with them. Do your homework before you get to work on your design. And brands are built to be the corporate identity of the people who work there and who they work for — so you should listen to their input.

Vogel Group logo transformation gif