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The polling industry is in crisis. At IMGE Insights we understand that a poll is only as good as the pre-production, methodology, creative thinking, and analysis that goes into it.

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Bryan Sanders

Bryan Sanders

Founder & President, IMGE Insights

Bryan is a pollster and strategist for Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and . . .

Our Approach

IMGE Insights President Bryan Sanders manages every one of our client’s research projects from start to finish – creating the instrument and model, designing the sample, collecting, weighting, and cross-tabulating the data, analyzing the results, and presenting a summary of the data and its conclusions.

We deploy the latest opinion gathering technologies and techniques to deliver more accurate results and effective messaging and strategic communications at a lower cost. Our commitment to our clients is second to none in the polling industry because our business is not a volume business. We take on a limited number of major clients, are invested in their success, and help them win.

Our Process

Create Instrument
Create Model
Design Sample
Collect Data
Weight & Cross Tabulate
Analyze Results

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