IMGE Weighs In on the 2020 Democrat Logos

A large field of candidates brings bright colors and bold fonts.


In a field of candidates as large as the Democrat 2020 presidential hopefuls, branding is more important than ever. Every campaign needs to define themselves clearly and a memorable logo is one of the best ways to do it.

This year, many of the candidates have made bold logo choices, venturing out from the normal red, white, and blue go-tos in hopes of creating something truly unique. But did it pay off?

IMGE staff weighs in…

1. Kamala Harris

Kamala ditched traditional in favor of retro, but instead of leaving us inspired, it reminds us more of something we’d see on the cover of a book on the mandatory reading list of a middle school.

2. Beto O’Rourke

Beto definitely borrowed inspiration from his own branding for Senate, but it also reminds us just a few more iconic logos.

3. Cory Booker

Cory went for something bold, but minimal. The poppy, modernized version of red, white, and blue is a nice thought but harsh on our eyes when we don’t have our Macbook brightness turned all the way down.

4. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth takes a risk with her “liberty green” background, but keeps her text a simple navy blue. Overall, we dig the minimalist vibe and think Warren’s branding flows really well. 🗽

5. Bernie Sanders

Perhaps one of the least traditional candidates – politically – has one of the most traditional political logos. This looks just like something we would’ve seen in the 90s.

6. Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten’s logo is simple and takes a subtle hint from the Trump camp by employing an accent color very similar to some famous hats. Perhaps she was very inspired by the headwear at the Women’s March?

7. Julian Castro

Julian’s logo is high quality and bold. It’s easy to read and even easier to see that this campaign is REALLY trying to play down the whole Castro thing.

8. John Hickenlooper

Hickenlooper is clearly giving a shoutout to his Colorado roots by incorporating these mountains, but it feels like almost everyone has a hiking jacket with this same logo on it.

9. Marianne Williamson

Marianne seems to have taken a major hint from Elle Woods here. You’re running for president?

10. Tulsi Gabbard

We don’t mind this all red version for Tulsi, but the “sunset” version leaves something to be desired. And normally, we love sunsets.

11. Pete Buttigieg

We’re getting major retro vibes from Pete’s bold color scheme and this banner-behind-the-name inspires fond memories of varsity sports… but we still don’t know how to say this guy’s name.

12. Amy Klobuchar

We know Amy will make do with what’s on hand. If that means she has to eat a salad with a comb, or make a logo with 3 different fonts in italics, bolds, serifs, non serifs, she’s doing it!

13. Andrew Yang

Thanks to the hyper-italicized name in this logo, the “g” is so skewed it looks drunk. And the flag on the Y has us really excited to meet this /ang candidate, whoever that is.

14. John Delaney

Delaney was clearly going for the iconic Obama O, but it looks more like he’s launching a commercial real estate business.

15. Jay Inslee

There’s no doubt about it, this would be our favorite logo ever if this were a competition for what would be on the CD for an early 2000s at-home encyclopedia program.

16. Tim Ryan

Does Cory Booker know Tim Ryan is trying to steal his logo?

17. Wayne Messam

Wayne clearly thinks he has the name recognition to ditch his surname and we’re not so sure about that.

18. Eric Swalwell

This traditional logo will go perfectly on the polos Eric wears while he is constantly golfing.

19. Mike Gravel

The question everyone is asking: What’s in the center of the “A” on this logo? The Patriots logo? An award-winning jellyfish? A Puerto Rican flag?

That’s all of the logos for now but there are rumors of more announcements coming up just around the corner. It’s sure to be an interesting campaign cycle for logos, and for policy! We’ll be keeping you up to date on the digital trends of the 2020 cycle at IMGE journal.

Thanks for reading!

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