Introducing IMGE Navigators

Meet the new way of doing general consulting.


IMGE is rethinking how general consulting ought to work.

We are excited to announce IMGE Navigators – our brand new general consulting arm that is ready to run 21st century campaigns for 21st century races. 

Everyone agrees that Washington is broken. At IMGE Navigators, we believe the problem starts even earlier – in how we run our campaigns.

We see it a lot – cookie cutter strategies for candidates who are anything but.

You’re not another square on some national political chessboard. At IMGE Navigators, we understand that, and we’re ready to build a unique campaign around your unique race and personal brand. Watch our new video introducing IMGE Navigators.

We won’t take on every race we can find. Instead, we will choose races where we know we can make an impact, giving our full attention, time, and energy to each client we work with.

We will dig deep into the data to recommend the right political, financial, and communications strategy for you. Maybe it’s our background in digital, maybe it’s our experience at every level of politics. But we’ve learned to focus on the metrics that matter and stay agile so you can get exactly the strategy you need – from Day One to Election Day.

IMGE Navigators is changing the way races are run – one candidate, one district, one race at a time.

Learn more here about how IMGE Navigators can help you win.

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