3 Things You Need to Know about Web Push

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Did you see that box pop up on the top of your screen asking you about receiving notifications? That’s web push.

Web push is a communication channel that allows you to directly contact users in their web browser. This marketing channel is less intrusive than others because notifications appear on a user’s desktop or when their browser is open. According to Iterable, web push has lower unsubscribe rates and longer user retention than SMS and email.

The web push channel should be used to supplement other communication channels as a way to reach users through multiple avenues.

Here are three reasons you should add web push to your marketing strategy:

#1: Web push is a straightforward and cost effective way to reach supporters directly on the browser and on their desktop. Since these notifications appear directly on the user’s browser it allows the marketer to put their message in front of the user as they go about their day-to-day internet browsing habits.

#2: Integrating web push in your marketing strategy is essential to creating a truly omni-channel experience for your users by allowing you to reach them in different ways. In addition, adding in web push as another channel allows the user to subscribe to the channel they prefer communication from.

#3: A big advantage of web push is that you don’t need the user to input any personal information to opt in. This provides a lower point of entry into your database and more subscribers. On average, 15% of unique visitors of a website opt-in to receive web push notifications, but 94% of those who do, remain subscribed.

web push example

Web push is a complimentary marketing channel that puts the marketer’s message directly in front of their users via their browser. Like SMS, web push users that opt in stay subscribed longer than those subscribed to email lists. Many email sending services have this channel built into their platform, making integration and setup easy. Web push is an efficient complimentary channel that enhances your overall digital marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in integrating web push into your marketing plan, contact IMGE.

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