Building a Successful Brand Online


What makes up a brand? Is it a logo? A font and a color scheme? It’s so much more than that.

Ultimately, building a successful brand is all about identity. And that identity is built with consistent visuals, voice, and online user experience. Let’s break that down:

1. Visual Identity

Your website design, graphics, videos, social profile assets, documents and more should all adhere to a consistent visual identity.

One brand that does this really well is Lush Cosmetics. Across all mediums, Lush leans in on their bold black and white with bright pops of color that mirror their products and store displays. Lush’s font is featured on digital and print media, along with their product icons like Naked, Homemade, and Ethical Everything.

2. Voice

From your word choice, to your tone and attitude, how you interact with your audience should be consistent. Maintaining a consistent voice can be tricky when multiple people have a hand in your content creation. This is why we recommend creating a voice doc that ensures every piece of digital content produced looks, sounds, and feels like a concrete vision.

One company that does this really well is Chubbies. Chubbies is one of the most distinctive voices in the shorts and swimsuit industry. From the memes they post on social media, to their Booyah email sign-offs, and their playful product names, Chubbies fully embraces their carefree, goof-ball voice. Every piece of content you see from Chubbies has a positive, feel-good tone.

3. Website

You could have an amazing product. A great cause. A campaign worth supporting. But if your audience searches for you online and doesn’t have a good experience, you might lose their support and money. This translates to building a website with well executed development, basic usability, and all of your platforms like eCommerce, email, and forms working within your site framework.

One website fail we recently stumbled upon was author Suzanne Collins’ website. The site design is very simple, but the overall user experience is poor. There are wide gaps between content, poor site navigation, no clear place to buy her books, and no rich media that keeps you on the site for a longer period of time.

If you’re ready to think about building or rebuilding a brand, and want to have a long term creative partner, consider working with an agency like IMGE. You’ll get a team of copywriters, graphic designers, animators, and web developers that can bring your ideas to life and ensure your voice is unified across all mediums.

Thanks for reading!

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