How to Land Your First Digital Marketing Job

Looking to start a career in digital? Here are 3 tips from a new member of Team IMGE!


In an era where people are chronically online and remote work makes up nearly 15% of high-paying jobs, it’s no surprise that more job seekers than ever are looking for opportunities in the digital industry.

Working in digital fits the flexible lifestyle so many people want today. What’s not to love about being able to work from anywhere – including your couch?

Due to the industry’s popularity, digital jobs have become increasingly competitive. There’s nothing like opening up LinkedIn and seeing that the job you’ve been eyeing already has 100+ applications…

The process can become even tougher if you don’t have any digital experience on your resume. But don’t lose hope if that’s where you’re at!

Our team here at IMGE compiled a few tips for landing your first digital marketing job. Keep reading to see what can give you the edge.

Tip #1: Don’t have digital on your resume? Make a digital portfolio.

The term “portfolio” usually results in an audible groan, and we know – everyone says you need a portfolio. While they aren’t required for all job listings, including one with your application could set you apart from your competition.

Creating a digital portfolio doesn’t have to mean weeks of trying to create a whole packet of new materials.

If you whipped up a logo for a friend who launched their own business, started a killer blog, or have a tweet that went absolutely viral, these are all items you can – and should – include in your portfolio!

This isn’t to say that the design and content examples you accumulated through college classes, internships, or freelance work isn’t valuable – they are crucial for landing a job. Be sure to include those in your portfolio, too!

But the projects you work on because you want to often produce your best and most inspired work, and they deserve to be showcased. You may be surprised – one of those passion projects could be exactly what lands you the job.

A portfolio should show your strengths, your capabilities, and your unique digital skills that differentiate you from other applicants.

Tip #2: Don’t have a digital marketing internship under your belt? Get digital certifications.

Want to show your potential employer that you’re the best choice for the job because you’d be ready to hit the ground running on day one? Then you may want to add a few online courses or certifications to your resume.

We use a lot of different tools and platforms in the digital industry, and most all of them have learning management resources attached. Many even offer certifications that prove you have mastered the platform or skill.

The value of these certifications can’t be overstated. The more you know coming into a new role, the less time your future employer will have to spend teaching you.

Having these certifications doesn’t just showcase the skills you’ve harnessed. It also highlights your initiative and willingness to learn new things, both traits that are crucial in the ever-changing digital industry.

Here are some of Team IMGE’s favorite digital job trainings and certifications:

Make sure to keep an eye out for LinkedIn’s native certifications, too. Having these certifications on your LinkedIn profile can bump you to the top of a recruiter’s search query.

And in a world where first impressions are everything, broadcasting your skills front and center could be what lands you that first interview.

Tip #3: Don’t have connections in the digital marketing industry? Start networking online!

You know that you have the skills, experience, and confidence to ace an interview and nab your dream job in digital, you just have to get your foot in the door…

It pays to know the right people.

Rest assured, you don’t need a huge or long-standing professional network to get it done. As the digital world grows, so does your opportunity to network and meet people who can help introduce you to future employers.

And getting started is as easy as typing out a message or hitting that follow button.

If you have a favorite brand or digital creator, send them a DM on one of their platforms! See if they’d be up for an informational interview, tell them you are interested in their latest job posting, or even just ask them for advice as a young job-seeker.

From LinkedIn to Twitter, any online presence is an opportunity to learn more from others and start building relationships.

Keep an eye out for unique opportunities to network. Facebook has a multitude of groups dedicated to digital job postings and agencies sharing ideas. Don’t shy away from seeking out these communities, introducing yourself, and entering the conversation about specific topics you are interested in – you never know who may respond!

Want to jumpstart your career in digital? We’re always looking for new talent! See our open positions and join the IMGE team.

Thanks for reading!

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