IMGE Inks Data Partnership Deal with The Data Trust


IMGE, a digital advocacy firm that specializes in technology, targeted advertising, and strategy for Political, Corporate and Association clients today announced a data partnership with The Data Trust, the premier right-of-center voter file and data management company.  Created following the 2012 election, The Data Trust is central to the Republican Party’s digital modernization efforts and serves as an exclusive warehouse to the Republican National Committee’s voter files and related data.

“We believe this partnership with The Data Trust highlights our commitment to leading top data-driven online strategy and technology. The best route for our client’s success is to put the right messaging in front of the right people and The Data Trust’s data will be an integral part of that effort,” IMGE co-founder Alex Skatell said today.  “It will not only benefit our clients but create a community to work closely to advance data collection, experimentation, and sharing. ”

“The Data Trust is proud to have a proven technology-driven partner in IMGE to test, refine, and grow our collection platform. The merger of offline and online data pointing together in a unified way is going to become the standard in making and executing smart strategic decisions. The Data Trust and IMGE share this vision and are committed to achieving it,” said John DeStefano, president of The Data Trust.

IMGE is closely integrating The Data Trust Direct APIs on a client-by-client basis with their websites, donation and email platforms, advocacy tools, volunteer applications, acquisition and persuasion advertising, and voter outreach across the board. This means as campaigns deploy our tools they can seamlessly work with data from the Data Trust national voter file.

“We are fortunate to have forward-looking clients that have allowed us to deploy our digital products and strategies built on data collection and organization, algorithmic analysis, and targeted outreach. We have worked hard over the last year to enhance traditional political tactics with new and innovative technological tools we have developed. This is the way forward and it’s working, our partnership with The Data Trust is the next step in our evolving industry,” Skatell remarked.

IMGE plans to use The Data Trust to build on cutting-edge technology that was deployed in Australia during the 2013 Federal elections. IMGE won Gold for Best Internet Campaign Overall as well as Gold and Silver for best new applications by the American Association of Political Consultants for its work to help elect Tony Abbott Prime Minister in Australia. The Gold award winning application will now be integrated with the Data Trust for use in American campaigns with data on over 260 million Americans.

About Data Trust:

The Data Trust is the premier right-of-center voter file and data management company with a mission to provide the lowest cost, highest quality, and most efficient political data to right-of-center organizations.  Its warehouse includes thousands of data points for over 260 million Americans, updated daily and easily accessible in real time.  The Data Trust has an exclusive list exchange agreement with the Republican National Committee.  For more information, please visit

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