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We’re breaking down silos and building a digital creative team that’s more collaborative than ever.

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At IMGE, we’re all about tearing down silos. That’s why we’ve added a collaborative layer to our creative staff.

We’ve combined our corporate and political content teams, graphic design, animation, and video production teams into one Creative Team. And it’s not just a personnel shuffle – it’s an indicator of a shift in the way we think about our creative output.

A Unified Creative Experience Needs a Unified Creative Team

Digital creative is composed of many parts – copy, design, video, and the concepts and user flows that connect the whole experience.

We experience these holistically – and the most critical performance metrics we monitor track these campaigns holistically. So why not build collaboration and optimization for our creative teams holistically?

With our new Creative Team, all of our creatives are working more closely together than ever before.

One Creative Team, One Client Vision

Clearly communicating a client’s goals in a creative package starts by clearly communicating the client’s goals internally. That’s why we have our Creative Team led by a Director of Creative Strategy.

What does a Director of Creative Strategy do? First, they understand client needs from both an account management and creative perspective. Then, they make sure the client’s needs and the creative vision flow between our creative staff and the client.

One Creative Team, One Performance Insight Hub

That unity yields dividends after deployment, as well. We make sure the performance data flows back through those same, collaborative channels.

A unified team makes it easier to prioritize firm-wide testing and analysis of creative performance. It’s easier than ever to be always learning, and always getting better.

One Creative Team, Many Specialities

While we’ve increased collaboration between our existing creative verticals, the expanded structure also encourages growth and specialization within our verticals.

We’re proud to announce the following new Deputy Director positions within our Content Vertical as our long-time staff rise to lead within their unique specialties.

  • Corinne Clark – Deputy Director, Prospecting
  • Megan Holcombe – Deputy Director, Corporate Content Strategy
  • Mike Hennessy – Deputy Director, Political Content Strategy

We’ll keep growing and adapting with the shifting landscape of digital creative. Ready to bring your digital marketing needs to a creative team? Check out our creative services here.

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