Six Brands Doing Holiday Content Right


With Christmas just around the corner, brands everywhere are jumping at the chance to increase holiday spirit – and their impressions – through festive digital campaigns.

Here are a few who are really sleighin’ it this year.

1. L.L.Bean

L.L. Bean launched their #12daysofPuppies this holiday season and it’s capturing hearts everywhere.

The instagram-based campaign asked users to employ the hashtag #LLBeanPuppyContest and share pictures of their own puppies for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

This user driven campaign earned great organic impressions and user generated content  great for L.L. Bean and it increased good holiday vibes all around.

These pups warm even the grinchiest of hearts.

P.S. Our own Richard the Dog was selected as a winner!

Richard the Dog submission to LLBean contest

2. Amazon

There’s no doubt about it, Amazon is a HUGE part of Christmas for most Americans. It’s where most of us will be buying our presents, and even groceries, this holiday season.

So, naturally, they have a robust holiday campaign on social media that does everything from promoting their toy collections to encouraging Toys for Tots donations.

In a short collection of videos released every couple of days via Instagram, Amazon warms our holiday hearts and makes us all want to invite Alexa to Christmas dinner.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks red cups have become a staple in every insta-influencer’s perfect holiday post, so it makes sense that Starbucks keeps them front and center in their cheery Christmas campaign.

From Black Friday on, every carefully curated post features a holiday drink alongside festive favorites like snowmen, Christmas trees, and cozy pajamas, creating a perfectly cohesive timeline of holiday cheer!

Starbucks shows how brands can incorporate the warm and fuzzy feelings of timeless Christmas traditions, while simultaneously reminding you that your holiday will not be complete without their services. If you don’t have your red cup in hand, is it really even Christmas?

4. UPS

Delivery service UPS is an easily identifiable brand but their holiday campaign goes above and beyond the brown shirts and brown trucks!

Their #WishesDelivered campaign asks consumers to share their wishes on social media using the hashtag. For every hashtag used, a dollar is donated to charity – and UPS works to deliver on a few select wishes.

Though this same campaign has been used in the past, UPS took advantage of instagram’s new IGTV to share their Santa-worthy wish granting this year, inspiring their audience on a new level.

It’s okay, you can cry on Christmas. We are.


President Trump’s campaign store made waves last Christmas introducing an official Make America Great Again hat ornament – which was finished in 24 karat gold, obviously.

This year, they’ve done it again introducing several holiday-related items on Black Friday, including a MAGA Santa cap and an official campaign hat with lights around Trump’s famous slogan.

They’ve also discounted last year’s gold ornament, now selling for an affordable $45!

This holiday theming does well because it doesn’t stray too far from the brand. It features items already beloved but now improved for the season with playful, holiday spirit. It’s light, fun, and not afraid of being cheesy. Just like you, after some eggnog.

6. Spotify

Once again, Spotify is nailing their holiday content with their annual “A Year in Music” campaign.

On Facebook and Twitter, Spotify asks users “what did your 2018 sound like?” prompting them to login and view their most listened songs and artists. Many users then post their top artists on social media, creating great user-generated content and prompting even more individuals to login and share.

The music streaming service also releases a list of top songs globally, which has been published on a number of music-related websites.

There’s still a few days left until Christmas. Have you seen any holiday digital campaigns you loved? Send us a tweet to share your favorites!

Thanks for reading!

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