The Digital Anatomy of Winning Campaigns in 2022

A 3-step plan for campaigns to craft a winning strategy in the digital age.

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The digital revolution has brought an abundance of new fundraising streams, fresh tactics, and unprecedented ways to get out the vote for those taking advantage. But for those not investing, the digital age is leaving them behind.

31% of American adults describe themselves as “online almost constantly,” and 85% of Americans are online every day. You need to meet your voters there.

How should your campaign be using digital best practices to win in 2022? We’ve got a basic 3-step plan for you to get started.

1. Winning Campaigns Invest in Digital Early

Much like anything, digital fundraising success doesn’t happen overnight. Building a winning digital movement requires an investment of time, money, and dedication to your audience.

The best campaigns spend early and often on digital, and reap the rewards on election day.

Smart campaigns know that these investments won’t always bring in money right away. A winning program requires extensive list-building tactics. A firm like IMGE has all the tools to help you recruit a massive team of online supporters — and convert those supporters into voters and donors.

Check out how IMGE brought 200,000 new emails and 100,000 new phone numbers to John James’s campaign in a single cycle.

2. Winning Campaigns Use Tailored Content

While a grassroots army of supporters is ultimately the lifeblood of an online movement, specifically segmented lists give campaigns an edge in fundraising, engagement, and branding.

Segments give campaigns boundless opportunities to target their audience based on interests, locations, fundraising potential, and more.

Sending an entire audience the same content can be useful in many situations, but hyper-segmented email and SMS lists are raising more money and cultivating more dedicated supporters for winning campaigns.

Check out how IMGE uses an omni-channel marketing strategy to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

3. Winning Campaigns Have a Solid GOTV Plan that Includes Digital

Modern campaigns can have all the viral moments and flashy tools in the world, but when it comes down to it, the vote tally on election day ultimately decides whether the race is a success or a failure.

That’s why the most successful campaigns are getting out the vote using unique strategies in their digital programs. In a tight race, these votes can make or break the campaign.

While activists may be the loudest on social media, plenty of Americans need to be persuaded to show up at the polls or request their absentee ballots. These voters represent a huge opportunity for your campaign, and you should be working hard to turn up your turnout with an aggressive digital campaign.

Check out our case study on Representative Maria Elvira Salazar’s 2020 digital campaign to learn more about how tailoring your program to specific, hard-to-reach voters can defy the odds and flip a seat.

The big picture roadmap is easy: build a movement of supporters, speak to each of them individually, and then make sure they get to the polls. Want help filling in the details? Contact IMGE today.

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