We’ll March Again: Brands Respond to the Coronavirus


As the world rapidly adapts to COVID-19, brands are doing what they can to lift spirits up and give back. This episode of Per My Last Email, we highlight a few of the brands that are mobilizing their budgets to help our communities.

Not only have the circumstances of COVID-19 changed how we travel, interact, and shop, but it’s also altered how we work.

Tech companies like Microsoft and Dialpad are extending their services to companies for free in order to ease the struggles that come with transitioning employees to a remote work environment. Other businesses are making efforts in alternative ways, like the Cincinnati Zoo hosting a Facebook live with a zookeeper and one of the animals, or Scholastic releasing daily courses for students to encourage continued learning.

Brands are giving back to their local communities. Norseman Distillery in Minnesota switched their production to making hand sanitizer, and donates it to medical facilities, homeless shelters, group homes, and first responders.

Our favorite ad right now? Guinness’ “A St. Patrick’s Day Message.” Watch it here:

As the world adapts to the spreading of the coronavirus, brands are stepping up and focusing their efforts on serving both their employees and their communities.

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