What Is SMS and Why Use It?


Short Message Service (SMS), is the most widely used type of mobile messaging. In this episode of Per My Last Email, learn what SMS is and what the difference is between Peer-to-peer and Opt-in.

Mobile messages are both cost effective and opened at an extremely high rate. That is why virtually every candidate is using some form of SMS to engage with potential voters and donors in the 2020 election. Instead of worrying whether or not an email got lost in the spam folder, campaigns are optimizing Peer-to-peer SMS and Opt-in SMS for voter contact and fundraising.

If you live in a state that’s already had a primary or caucus, you’ve likely received some of these texts. Wondering how campaigns get your phone number? Well, you either gave it to them voluntarily, or they purchased it through third party market lists. It’s all about the fine print.

Learn more about our preferred SMS tools, Iterable and Opn Seasame.

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