What is TRUTH Social? Here’s the ‘Truth.’

Everything you should know about Donald Trump’s new social media platform

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After a much-anticipated launch, Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social is finally live (well, mostly). In this IMGE Journal, we will discuss the launch of this new social platform, who is on it, and where it fits in the crowded micro-blogging space with GETTR and Parler.

Here is everything you should know about Donald Trump’s social media platform, TRUTH Social.

What is TRUTH Social?

After being banned from Twitter, Donald Trump promised to build his own social media platform to “stand up to Big Tech.” TRUTH Social is his response to the shadowbanning and censorship many conservatives have seen in recent years from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram executives and algorithms.

The platform launched on February 21st, 2022, under the leadership of Devin Nunes, who left Congress to serve as CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Company. TRUTH Social is a micro-blogging site similar to Twitter but with a self-described “Big Tent” approach, which means they are looking to bring together users with diverse viewpoints to have robust conversation and debate.

From April to June, the platform grew from 513,000 Daily Active Users (DAU), with the latest data showing approximately 2 Million DAU.

It will be interesting to see if the platform can continue this growth with the recent release of its web version and the upcoming release of the Android version.

Who is on TRUTH Social?

TRUTH’s featured and most prominent user, former President Donald Trump, officially joined the platform on April 28th but didn’t start posting regularly and ‘retruthing’ until recently.

Unsurprisingly, a handful of conservative commentators, publications, and elected officials have adopted the platform. Perhaps the most interesting recent addition is California Governor Gavin Newsom, who joined the platform to call out “Republican lies.”

Below is a list of notable current TRUTH Social users:

Kid Rock
Travis Tritt

Conservative Commentators
Dan Bongino
Mark Levin
Maria Bartiromo

Elected Officials
President Donald J. Trump
Fmr. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
Congressman Byron Donalds
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
Congresswoman Lisa McClain
Governor Gavin Newsom

Companies and Publications
Breitbart News
Daily Caller
Fox News
Washington Examiner

What’s the “Truth” on TRUTH Social?

While TRUTH Social has started gaining its footing and increasing in popularity, there’s no denying its launch was mired in controversy.

After multiple delays on launch, TRUTH Social was only available via iOS in the Apple App Store with no web version. At the time of writing this, the Android version has once again been delayed. The decision to move forward without a web version likely prevented potential users from signing up and accessing the platform at launch and unintentionally divided the community by device.

However, even if you did sign up, there was no guarantee that you would be able to access the platform and post, as high demand led to weeks-long waiting lists.

TRUTH Social Waitlist notification screenshot

President Trump was also not active on the platform at its launch, despite his presence being arguably the biggest draw to TRUTH Social.

Post-launch, we found the platform to be very inactive. Its marketing efforts have been lackluster. And perhaps our biggest complaint? It did not feel like you were missing anything by not checking the platform.

However, the platform has exploded in recent weeks and moved to the #1 position in the App Store. TRUTH Social also launched a web version and is growing its daily active users.

Should You Join TRUTH Social?

The first question is: Can you?

Without an Android app version, countless potential users still can’t access the platform or at least check it regularly.

All issues considered, this micro-blogging platform has one major X factor that sets it apart: It is still the only one with the former President. There’s no denying he’s still a leading figure among conservatives and Republicans.

Therefore, a brand seeking to reach pro-Trump audiences might benefit from considering social media posting on TRUTH Social. Between Parler, GETTR, TRUTH Social, and a tumultuous situation at Twitter, the micro-blogging landscape is uncertain, so investing in multiple platforms to reach your target audiences is always the safest bet.

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