Why Wix & Squarespace Aren’t Enough for Your Website

Easily build your own website? It’s a promise they can’t keep.


Did you know that 40% of users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

This startling fact has massive implications for web traffic, your brand, and ultimately your bottom line. That’s why at IMGE, you’ll always get a website that’s tailored to your exact goals. Our in-house dev team is ready to deliver you a great website that marries beautiful design to impeccable technical execution. Without both, your website will not make a mark on your audience or drive conversions.

That’s great, you might think – but why use limited resources on a top-notch, customized website when I could spend a fraction of the cost on a prefabricated site from a vendor like Wix or Squarespace?

Here are some roadblocks associated with prefabricated websites that you may not have considered:

They’re not as cheap as you think.

While a base plan may look attractive, beware of necessary upsells down the line that will balloon into an expensive proposition at the end of your project. A bare bones prefabricated website is bad, but one that has been built piecemeal with nickle and dime charges and ultimately doesn’t function smoothly is worse.

Migrating your content is difficult.

Let’s say you’ve used a prefabricated website, and you’re ready to move on. Not so fast. When you attempt to migrate your data to a new site, you will run into issues with the layout – and ultimately may need to build a new site from scratch.

Prefabricated web hosting is limiting.

If your prefabricated site vendor hosts your site, you have very little flexibility to make a change if you begin to encounter problems with your site. Let’s say you’ve built a prefabricated site, and it looks decent enough. But then the site starts performing slowly – big problem. Once again, you cannot migrate your site to another vendor without starting from scratch.

Complexity can’t be avoided.

If you want a high-quality website, it must be a complex one. A simple site from prefabricated vendor ultimately hurts the health of your brand. Even if the design elements are acceptable, SEO optimization most likely will not be. And if you’re SEO isn’t strong, your website will not be seen by your audience – no matter how great it looks to the eye.

Keep in mind: with prefabricated sites you are limited to the features and offerings they provide. That might be great for a basic static site. But if you expect your business to scale and your site to scale along with it, then you need an infrastructure that can be customized and built around your business.

Easy doesn’t mean better.

Prefabricated websites promise a smooth process that you can manage on your own. But the fact is, you’re not a web developer! As with most sales pitches in favor of ease, this one falls flat. If building a high-quality website was an easy task, most developers would be out of a job. Thankfully, our developers at IMGE are very much employed – and they are ready to lend their expertise to even your most complex project.

We’ve laid out the dangers of using a prefabricated website to promote a serious brand – now see how IMGE builds customized, state-of-the-art sites for our clients.

If your brand needs a top-notch website – not a cheap template – IMGE can help. Contact us today to start a conversation about the future of your online home.

Thanks for reading!

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