Yang Gang: Making Money with #MATH


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In this episode, discover how former 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang used cutting-edge digital strategy to increase his fundraising numbers and turn himself from a no-name ID candidate into a household name.

How’d he do it? By capitalizing on media blunders, introducing creative merchandise, embracing user-generated content, and developing a clear campaign message.

The candidates who do well online have a message that cuts through the noise; they say something unique. Think Bernie Sanders with “The 1%!” or Donald Trump with “Make America Great Again!”. You understand why they are running beyond defeating their opponent or holding to a party line.

Andrew Yang’s message of a universal basic income was easy enough to explain and distinctive from the rest of the primary field. His supporters could clearly articulate why he was running, why they supported him, and why they donated to him. That clear sense of purpose is why he was able to convert so many of his supporters into donors.

So even though Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race, he left behind a handful of marketing tactics that set him apart from the rest of the field.

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