Want to bring your designs to life?

We can do that with animation and motion design.

Why we recommend:

  • In the visual world of digital media, animation and motion design offers a refreshing and eye-catching way to diversify your video content. Nothing tops animation’s ability to explain complex ideas quickly and visually.
  • You don’t need to film on location at Mt. Everest - animation makes it easy to create exactly the video you want in a cost and time efficient manner.
  • Animation and motion graphics can be the star of the show or a supporting player. It is the gateway between video and design. You can combine our custom animations with live video and voiceover to make a truly captivating story for your viewers.

How it works:

No lights, no camera – all the action. With animation, our only limitation is our imagination. The setting, cast, and special effects can take on any look and feel you wish. We will build out a storyboard for your video with you, and then our skilled animators can bring your message to life with style.

Watch our animation demo reel:

Key Metric

The percentage of Facebook video views where the sound is never turned on.


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