Want to make the right first impression, every time?

We can do that with brand & logo design.

Why we recommend:

  • Your logo and brand are the face of your organization. Just like your own look, it needs a makeover periodically to change with the times.
  • Don’t “just get a new logo.” A branding project, done correctly, takes a methodical, data-driven approach with strategic thinking and market research.
  • We don’t guess what you want. We listen to your key stakeholders and top audiences to create the brand that will move your audience in the way you want.

How it works:

loop of recent logos created by IMGE

Great design requires context. Every branding project begins with a phase dedicated to building that context: brand exploration. During this phase, we take a deep dive on the goals and mission of your organization with you.

Next, we will identify key audiences to use as the foundation for the new brand. How do they consume information? What existing brands resonate with them, and why? From there, we will conduct baseline market testing to gather data points that will inform concept development.

With that data-driven roadmap, our design team begins working on initial brand concepts. These early concepts narrow down the visual language before creating the final product. This sets off an iterative process between you, our design team, and the data as we calibrate the new brand to your specifications.

The logo and brand guide are the culmination of the entire branding project. We also include a comprehensive logo package and brand guide to ensure consistency going forward.

Key Metric

Percentage of people who expect their experience with a brand to feel consistent across all platforms, and believe that an inconsistent experience indicates a poor product. Don’t lose out on potential prospects because of shoddy branding.


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