Want to automate your customer service with artificial intelligence?

Try a Chatbot.

Why we recommend:

  • Your audience wants an interactive experience. Create a chatbot to break the ice and answer their questions.
  • By using AI to interact with visitors to your Facebook page and website, you can grow a Facebook Messenger broadcast list you can communicate with just as you would with an email list.
  • Did we mention that AI customer service reps are cheap? For some brands, chatbots increased ROI by a factor of 10 and cut costs-per-conversion in half.

How it works:

To deploy a chatbot, the first step is to identify why users would chat your brand and create a conversation model that will answer those questions.

Once we’ve charted the likely conversational pathways, we then implement the chatbot and start growing an opt-in broadcast list. The same chatbot blueprint can be run on your website, and through Facebook Messenger – saving set-up time and accelerating list growth. We can even run Facebook ads where conversations are initiated by commenting on a post.

That’s just the beginning. From there, we continue to create content to distribute and blast to our newly built list. Just like an email list, your chatlist becomes another reliable channel with which you can distribute your message.

Key Metric

Brands have reported this percentage of improvement in customer satisfaction after deploying a customer service chatbot:


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