Want to build your own army of supporters?

We can do that with email marketing.

Why we recommend:

  • First things first: we start by crafting a personalized welcome series. This series greets your new supporters, collects data, and primes them to become your advocates.
  • From there, we use every type of content possible to target key segments based on what interests them and their past behavior. Surveys. Polls. Petitions. You name it, we use it in our custom-crafted engagement funnels.
  • You define the ultimate end goal for your email list. We know how to optimize your content for donations, advocacy actions, or any other priorities you have.

How it works:

The most important digital asset you can have for your audience is an email address.  We make sure you maximize that asset. Email marketing is the art of figuring out what your subscribers want – and then giving it to them in regular doses so they keep coming back for more.

One of the most important aspects of list growth is what happens once a user signs up. We will use multiple acquisition platforms and strategies to build a quality email list for your campaign. Once we capture an email address, we push it through a strategic warm-up series to begin creating an online relationship with each user. This practice will not only grow your house file, but create a list built around engagement, not vanity metrics.

Personalization is more than “Dear Firstname.” We personalize content by making sure subscribers get content relevant to their interests. By identifying user actions and segmenting accordingly, we can hyper-target your list to ensure maximum engagement. Whether you are looking to fundraise, drive voter turnout, encourage advocacy actions, or some combination of both – we can craft a custom strategy for you.

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