Want to target your highest-value audience with the greatest precision?

Try first-party audience matching.

Why we recommend:

  • You don’t have to rely on third-party vendors to find your audience for you. Start by maximizing the highest quality data you have: your own data.
  • Our audience matching capabilities will make sure you can reach folks on every available platform once they have connected with you on one platform.

How it works:

The most valuable source for data about your audience is you. With first-party audience matching, we use data you have collected about your subscribers, site visitors, and supporters and match it to online sources so you can reach your people on any platform.

But we can do more than just connect records for your existing audience. We can use that audience profile to create and target lookalike audiences, growing your supporters by reaching individuals who are similar to those who already support your brand.

Key Metric

The number of high-ROI marketers who attribute their success to leveraging first-party data.


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