Want to be everywhere at once?

Use Omni-channel Marketing.

Why we recommend:

  • Through omni-channel marketing, a user can interact with your brand across multiple platforms and devices without having a disconnect of information. It's seamless.
  • Integrate your communications across every platform - SMS, Email, Web Push, Social, and Advertising - to follow your users where they are browsing.
  • Forget asking users to follow you. Today, your audience takes the lead on where they want to connect with your brand and you follow them.

How it works:

By creating customized user flows, we allow inbound traffic to experience a specific response across channels based on their behavior. These programmatic cross-channel responses increase retention and engagement.

How does a user become an advocate? Perhaps they first found your brand while browsing through social media feeds on their phone. A retargeted ad on their desktop prompts them to sign up for your email list. After learning more about your issue in their inbox, they finally make the leap to contact their senator. Your marketing strategy should follow the user through that journey.

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