Want to know how your campaign is performing in real-time, across every marketing channel?

Try Our Reporting and Analytics Suite.

Why we recommend:

  • Our customized dashboards track progress towards reaching your most important KPIs in real-time.
  • By tracking your specific goals in a visually intuitive format, everyone from intern to CEO can get a progress report on the project at a glance.
  • Having real-time feedback about your campaigns allows for nimble strategy. Quick-turnaround, data-responsive changes help the campaign meet its goals as efficiently as possible.

How it works:

Our team will work with you to identify your most important goals. From there, we’ll work together on developing a means to track those empirically.

Using data from across the many different datasets in your campaign, we pull it all together in our reporting and analytics suite to show progress towards those KPIs in a visually engaging way. You’ll get your own link to the dashboard, and will be able to access the information in real time – as well as dive more deeply into the data from that launch point.

Key Metric

The number of rows of data we are tracking and analyzing every day for our clients:

1 million+

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