Want a streamlined social media publishing experience?

Try Sprout Social.

Why we recommend:

  • Use Sprout Social as a one-stop publisher for all of your social media platforms. Effortlessly plan, create, manage, and deliver social content and campaigns as a collaborative team.
  • Streamline and effectively scale social monitoring and engagement efforts with a unified social inbox.
  • Drive strategic decision making with access to rich social listening data and social performance analytics.

How it works:

Once we sync your accounts with Sprout Social, you will have a one-stop shop for social media posting. Sprout Social has a few different ways to post. You can publish immediately, schedule posts, or put content into a queue that posts at a certain interval determined by the account operator. You’ll also have one inbox that compiles incoming posts in one place for easy community management.

Sprout Social’s design emphasizes team collaboration. Users are able to set permission levels on what each user can do within the platform. For example, User A could draft a social post and send out for approval. User B would be able to approve the post and it would be published at the time User A scheduled. In addition to the approval process, users are able to comment and edit posts as a team. You don’t need a separate email chain to discuss edits on social content.

Sprout Social also has a robust reporting tool. It comes pre-loaded with over a dozen auto generated reports. You can also create custom reports, so you can highlight whatever metrics matter most to your team. Not only that, it offers robust social listening and competitor content performance analysis.

Key Metric

Ensure you make it into the news feed with a robust social publishing platform. Percentage of adults that get their news from social media:


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