Want local messaging power on a national scale?

Use our local online news network.

Why we recommend:

  • Skip the crowd and cut through the noise. We have exclusive pitching access into a network of 185 state and local online publications - and we’re constantly growing that network.
  • We work with you to craft a series of pitches for local policy and state business journals that address your goals and important milestones.
  • Once placed, we weaponize that local content with advertising.

How it works:

We work to promote your content through a vast network of state and local online newspapers and business journals. We know how they operate and what kind of stories they like – meaning the stories we pitch them are often accepted. Our goal is to build a month in, month out narrative that we can be pitching to local reporters to create a drumbeat inside key communities.

Then we promote those stories via online ads to local audiences that our clients need to inform or persuade. Even though it’s a local piece, we can use advertising to make sure it gets in front of key audiences with national jobs – such as Congress. This is a 1-2 punch that weaponizes local news.

Keep in mind: people pay closer attention to local news because it matters more to them. With low costs, higher placement, and more relevance to your target audience, local news is the key to influencing Americans on your issue. This model is being used to great effect in all 50 states.

Key Metric

Percent of registered voters that trust local news outlets more than national news outlets to report the truth:


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