Want to send instant notifications through your website?

Try Web Push.

Why we recommend:

  • Web push is a simple and cost-effective way to reach supporters directly on their desktop or in their browser when a new post is made on your website.
  • Users don't need to input any personal information to opt-in - it's just one click. The barriers to entry don't get any lower than that.
  • Did we mention it's practically free, and it integrates seamlessly with a user's existing data in our system?

How it works:

Our development team created a plugin that directly integrates your WordPress site with our Iterable account. Once the plugin is activated on your site, users will be prompted with a question to allow notifications from your website. After opting in, we are able to push notifications directly to the user on their browser as well as on site.

When users opt-in on your website, we append this data to their current Iterable profile. This gives us a more complete data model.

A big advantage of web push is that we don’t need the users to input any personal information to opt in. This provides a lower point of entry into your database and more subscribers for you.

Iterable’s intuitive user interface makes sending out Web Push notifications extremely simple.

Key Metric

Percent of web push opt-ins who stay subscribed:


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