The more you know..

  • College/University: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Fun fact: I'm a ruthless Settlers of Catan player.
  • Favorite office snack: Spinach

Ryan Lyk

Director of Email Marketing

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Ryan Lyk manages our email marketing and email fundraising programs. He develops and analyzes strategic email campaigns to help clients engage with their supporters and reach fundraising goals. By integrating email with server development, he’s able to optimize and improve the process to give IMGE an edge over its competitors.

Prior to joining IMGE, Ryan worked at the Republican Party of Minnesota for two years. Ryan is widely involved with the College Republicans where he served as the State Chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans for two consecutive years. During his time as Chairman, Ryan developed one of the largest digital media presences for a College Republican Federation among his colleagues. Ryan now serves as the National Treasurer on the College Republican National Committee.

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