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Always Pushing The Limits

We bring absolute precision, speed and tenacity to all our projects.

Skills we’ve honed from political campaigns, advocacy efforts, and lots of coffee.

Old Town Alexandria

IMGE is an innovative full-service digital media agency based in Old Town, Alexandria. We have grown exponentially over the past three years, from a handful of dedicated people to over 35 employees. With every new hire, we endeavor to foster a culture of passion and creativity that is truly unparalleled. Our goal is simple: partner with interesting clients to create solutions.

All Talent In-House

Unlike more traditional firms, we retain all of our talent in-house, which means that we integrate technical design with branding and messaging from the very beginning of each project. Our culture is incredibly collaborative, because we want the best ideas for our clients, no matter where they come from. The end results are holistic, exceptional solutions that have been customized for each client — and that really work.

We Don’t Use Templates

Every project starts completely from scratch, because we believe the best results come from taking a fresh perspective and innovating. That process is completely transparent from start to finish — our clients have access to all of the information we have. We want our clients to see what we’re seeing and contribute to decisions, because ultimately, we’re on the same team.

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