Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Combining your message with our technical expertise, driving audiences to open, click, and take action

Our in-house team of industry experts takes a comprehensive approach to email. Our strategy begins with maintaining, cleaning, segmenting and growing your list. We identify and target your online audience, then engage them with your message through compelling copy and creative to drive opens and clicks.

We use best-in-class software platforms to maximize your value, protect sender reputation, and create automated programs to ensure consistent communication with the people you need to reach. We help you leverage the power of email to advocate on the issues, increase social media engagement, fundraise, and get out the vote.


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Online Fundraising

Lead Generation and List Building

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Meet the Email Marketing Team

Vice President of Client Services

A native Minnesotan, Ryan Lyk serves IMGE as our Vice President of Marketing. Ryan manages our email marketing and online fundraising programs, and develops and refines marketing tactics to e...

Senior Digital Strategist

Jarrett Ray serves IMGE as a Senior Digital Strategist on the Email Marketing team. In this role, Jarrett advises a Fortune 500 business's advocacy and digital strategy and helps other corpor...

Senior Marketing Strategist

Alex Boedigheimer serves IMGE as a Senior Marketing Strategist. In this role, he focuses on client strategy, targeted email campaigns, and digital fundraising. Prior to joining IMGE, he worke...

Senior Content Strategist

Aaron Summers serves IMGE as a Senior Content Strategist, focusing on content development and copywriting that is unique to each client. Prior to joining IMGE, he worked on accounts at the ma...

Marketing Strategist

James Desio serves IMGE as a Marketing Strategist. In this role, James focuses on email marketing strategy development and execution for our clients. James is a recent graduate of the Univers...

Marketing Strategist

Will Rosichan serves IMGE as a Marketing Strategist. In this role, he focuses on email and social marketing strategy development and execution, and digital fundraising for our clients. Prior ...

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