Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We focus on every step of the email marketing process – maintaining house files, protecting send reputation, segmenting lists, and reporting on performance. Our comprehensive approach – that focuses on strategy, copy and creative – will get people to open, read, click, and take action.


Comprehensive and Connected

We don’t take cookie-cutter approaches, and we don’t use boilerplates. Every project is started completely from scratch, because we truly believe that each client is unique, and therefore needs an original, tailor-made solution.

Unlike more traditional agencies, we are incredibly nimble. We are able to provide rapid response, creativity and speed, along with precise attention to detail, because each client has a dedicated project manager whose sole focus is that project, from start to finish. That relationship is completely transparent, because our clients are our partners—we’re on the same team.


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Meet the Email Marketing Team

Director of Email Marketing

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Ryan Lyk manages our email marketing and email fundraising programs. He develops and analyzes strategic email campaigns to help clients engage with ...

Senior Digital Strategist

Jarrett is a Senior Digital Strategist at IMGE. In this role, Jarrett advises a Fortune 25 business's advocacy and digital strategy and helps other corporate and political clients communicate...

Senior Strategist, Email Marketing

Alex serves as IMGE's Senior Email Marketing Strategist, focusing on client strategy, targeted email campaigns, and digital fundraising. Prior to joining IMGE, he worked at the National Repub...

Strategist, Email Marketing

Aaron serves as a Strategist on the Email Marketing team. Prior to joining IMGE, he worked on accounts at the marketing firm TMA Direct. Previously, he spent several cycles working on ca...

Account Coordinator

In his role at IMGE, Alex will focus on bringing industry-leading email marketing solutions to clients that are based around automation, action, and results. Alex graduated from Union College...

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