Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Maximizing your dollar through a holistic approach with data-driven results

In a digital advertising landscape that’s changing daily, our in-house team is stocked with top industry talent to help you navigate it. Our holistic approach combines list building, branding, direct response, and mobilization, and our full-stack of services leverages the most advanced online media tools currently available to maximize your advertising dollar and return on investment.

We create customized, comprehensive cross-screen media plans for campaigns, issue groups, and corporations based on unique goals, then place the advertising and provide detailed after-action reporting metrics and optimization suggestions. We never stop evaluating our ad partners and technology so that you always have first access to the newest, most effective solutions on the market. We focus on both audience-specific buying (with data partnerships that include i360 and Data Trust) and high impact direct advertising.

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Online Advertising

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Meet the Online Advertising Team

Director of Advertising Operations

Hailing from the state of Michigan, Gabe joined IMGE as an intern in the summer of 2014 and presently serves as Director of Advertising. In his current role he has overseen advertising budget...

Ads Strategist

Anna Corley serves IMGE as an Ads Strategist. Anna grew up in a small town outside of Charlottesville and attended Mary Washington, where she studied marketing and data science. While in sch...

Ads Strategist

Daniel Delgado serves IMGE as an Ads Strategist. Daniel was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where he spent most of his time playing tennis. Growing up in Gaithersburg made him wan...

Ads Strategist

James Northrop is an Ads Strategist at IMGE, getting clients the best bang for their buck in online advertising efforts. James' background is in electoral politics, running statewide and Con...

Orlando Navarro

Ads Strategist

A native of South Florida, Orlando Navarro serves IMGE as an Online Advertising Strategist. In his role, he works to ensure the successful implementation and reporting of several campaigns c...

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